If you are a supersweet Gentleman who takes pleasure in spoiling a lady, (and you know ladies love being spoiled!) here are some ideas for gifts and things that I enjoy. 

Practical Gifts/ Gift Cards

My favorite thing in the world after my dog is coffee and I drink it multiple times a day. 

Personally guilty of being a "basic" starbucks bae... Frequenting the establishments at home and in every city I visit. 

Help support my habit at Starbucks.com, the quickest way to my heart ;). I also have a Nespresso  machine at home that I use daily and you can help to fuel my coffee vibe with gift cards from Nespresso.com

I also love cooking and eating healthy.  

My favorite places to shop for groceries are Whole Foods, & Sprouts.

My dog is a big baby who loves to be spoiled too. 

giftcards to PetsmartPetco ,or any pet store will get used up quickly! He also LOVES treats, rope-type chew toys and tennis balls.

Other places I love to shop


If you want to send me something directly to me from my wishlist you can do so here ;)



Victorias Secret





Agent provocateur

Luis Vuitton





Some ideas if you want to get creative, 

I LOVE jewelry. If you want to surprise me with a unique piece or something that caught your eye and made you think of me please do! 

Lingerie to wear for you , or an outfit for a night on

the town together. 

in Lingere: I am a 34D and a small/ medium in panties, depending on the brand. a size 6/7 small-medium in dresses and 7 1/2 in shoes. 

love massages/ facial treatments (not that kind lol)Spa Dates on trips together or sending me just because you feel like pampering. 

I also love seeing new places! Going on vacations and exploring new territory together is always fun. Or if you want to, spoil me and send me somewhere by myself as a gift ;)