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If you are a supersweet Gentleman who takes pleasure in spoiling a lady, (and you know ladies love being spoiled!) here are some ideas for gifts and things that I enjoy. 

Cash Gifts!

But of course, every gent knows this is the easiest way to spoil any lady <3. 

Practical Gifts/ Gift Cards

My favorite thing in the world after my dog is coffee and I drink it multiple times a day. 

Personally guilty of being a "basic" starbucks bae... Frequenting the establishments at home and in every city I visit. 

Help support my habit at, the quickest way to my heart ;). 

My dog is a big baby who loves to be spoiled too!  

giftcards to PetsmartPetco , Chewy or any pet store will get used up quickly! 

- She also quite enjoys her fair share of pup cups ;). 

Other places I love to shop


If you want to send me something directly to me from my wishlist you can do so here ;)



Victorias Secret




Agent provocateur

Luis Vuitton

Tiffany & Co


Hobby Lobby

Michaels Arts and Crafts 


Some ideas if you want to get creative, 

I LOVE jewelry. If you want to surprise me with a unique piece or something that caught your eye and made you think of me please do! 

Lingerie to wear for you , or an outfit for a night on

the town together. 

in Lingere: My bra size is 34DD, and medium in panties (depending on the brand). Size 6/7 (Medium) in dresses and 7 1/2 in shoes. 

Massages/ facial treatments (not that kind lol)Spa Dates on trips together or sending me just because you feel like pampering. 

Seeing new places! Going on vacations and exploring new territory together is always fun. Or if you want to, spoil me and send me somewhere by myself, or with my girlfriend as a gift ;)

Last but not least, anything related to health and fitness or a cruelty free lifestyle ;). 

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